Major eSports Tournaments for Video Games

America’s Stanford University was one of the earliest places that students started to enjoy video game competitions, and that was around 1972. The game then was Spacewar, with the victor of the match winning a one-year subscription to Rolling Stone magazine. After this event, there have been many other competitions held in various countries around the world.

Now, more events are held for eSports around the world. Major competitions are held yearly for various leagues and games. Here are a few of the tournaments that are held every year for eSports.

The International

This competition features games like Dota 2 (Defense of the Ancients 2). The organizer of the event is Valve, who are the makers of the game. The game is usually free, and funds are generally raised for the tournament from digital booklet sales. This booklet is called Compendiums and is bought by fans who want to get the special rewards offered. In 2014, the winning price was over $10 million, which is the largest so far, compared to other eSports.

Smite World Championships

This competition is organized by the makers of the game, and also sponsored by Hi-Rez Studios. The tournament is free to play. Although the game is quite recent in eSports, it has been a considerable success amongst viewers and prize winners. Smite looks like it would definitely make it in the eSports betting world.

League of Legends World Championionship

This is another free to play event for the many fans of League of Legends. As of 2014, this competition attracted over 27 million viewers to the game which lasted for a month. The League of Legends was able to keep at a constant over 11 million viewers concurrently throughout the event. Its one of the eSports that are a favourite amongst bettors around the world.