Top Video Games Which You Can Bet On

When you think about betting on a game the first thing that usually comes to mind are online casinos such as newyorksspins but these are not the only ones. Not many individuals are aware that you can bet on video games. There are many categories of games you can gamble on, most of which are classed as eSports. This type of wagering is already getting very popular, and most bookmakers offer betting markets on video games.

In this informative article, we have put together a list of top strategy video games that you can bet on.

Heroes of the Storm

This is a strategy game that not so many people pay attention to, because of more massive games like League of Legends, which are similar to it. Heroes of the Storm, however, has a Pro League that you can bet on, and is available in several different regions. Although it isn’t as popular as its competitors, this game still has a large number of followers.

Starcraft II

StarCraft II is one of the classic video games in gambling. It was added to the eSports people bet on when Wings of Liberty was introduced in 2010. StarCraft is very popular amongst betting sites online and has desirable markets open to bettors.


Overwatch is another gambling video game to bet on. It comes with a League system that has four stages. The game allows people who love gambling on video games to make bets regularly. Overwatch looks like it would be a good investment in the long run.

League of Legends

This is probably the biggest eSports video game in the world, which a lot of people today bet on. The game always has an ongoing league across the world, which allows people to bet on anytime. In this game, bettors can gamble on which team will win, based on their knowledge of the game. Punters can bet on which side will take the first tower, or they can gamble on who will draw the first blood.