Best World War I Games

Guns of August

This strategy war game is full of combatant problems that need to be solved immediately. Here, the military and their resources are overcome by industrial warfare. The game comes in four scenarios that mark each year of World War 1. You can decide to activate any of the HQs, but the number is limited. The game features war tanks, ships, trenches and a map that covers Europe.

Strategic Command Classic: World War 1

This is a recent game which comes with 3D units that are very entertaining. Players have access to various weapons and controls that allow combat. The first campaign of the game is about the war, while it also has two other short campaigns with seven operations, and a campaign for World War II. The game has useful controls that allow you to research, handle diplomacy and other functions. The game also allows you to see the First Balkan War that was from 1912 to 1913.

Commander: The Great War

This strategy game is a demonstration of how a commander could have controlled World War 1. The graphics are simple and pay attention to detail, making it very informative. The controls are also simple to operate, and you have options to view research, production and diplomacy etc. Players can attack the submarines that are usually submerged. Players can swap into various places, and have options to play five campaigns that cover each war year.

To End All Wars

This war game has a two-week turn feature and comes with a map of Europe as its central region. It also comes with other off-map boxes, that show different parts of the world. The game begins with single armies that are later divided to regimental level. There are also weather factors that will affect the army’s movement and supplies. Players will be made to take decisions to achieve goals, especially on diplomacy.