Games Can Make You a Better Strategist

People have incorporated playing in every area of their lives, whether in their business or at home. People learn from every kind of game, be it online games or online casinos such as This article however, will focus on games for the workplace. It’s not uncommon to hear the word gamification at work when it comes to getting points, competing for form, feedback and even to track the performance of employees. However, some organizations still prohibit games at the workplace, and it is also rare to hear that corporate executives are playing games to improve their strategy.

The truth is, even though people fail to admit it, games play an important role in improving strategies, which can be applied to our everyday life. Here are some of the benefits of playing strategy games.

You Get Instant Feedback

In games, you get instant feedback through scores, to know when you are ahead of competitors, or even by observing an opponents behaviour. If executives apply this at the workplace, they can learn a lot quickly. A properly planned strategy will help you win a game, and in games, there are unlimited chances for you to try again if you fail. Reality doesn’t give that type of opportunity. A strategy game will keep a manager in a flow zone which is the passage between skill and challenge.

You Get to Interact Using Ideas

Strategy games often require you to think deeply, and also to assess your environment. You are prompted to make and execute quick decisions and face the consequences. This is the same as in real life situations, where you have to make judgement calls.

You Can Test Different Scenarios

The best part about playing games is that you can quickly learn by applying different strategies, that produce different results until you get the winning formula. This helps you think outside the box when faced with real-life challenges. You are able to provide different solutions for the same problem, and most importantly, consider how others view the challenge, as well as their reaction to it.