Science: Video Games Make You Smarter

Did you ever sit and look at the lives of people who are addicted to video games? You may have thought they are probably just lazy and antisocial people, who aren’t good at schoolwork. Research actually thinks otherwise. Various studies have been thoroughly conducted in the past, by researchers and psychologists, to understand the impact of games, and they’ve all decided that they keep you smart. Here are some of the type of video games available, and how they can be of benefit.


They are usually referred to as brain teasers and will make you use your faculties to their very best. Some of the puzzle games include Angry Birds or Brain Age. They require that you solve a problem, pay attention to details, and have a sharp memory. This, in turn, will boost your IQ and also slow down the ageing process of your brain.

Role Playing Games

These games include the likes of Final Fantasy and Mass Effect. The player can take on the role of a character in the game, and choose various options available including dialogue. The player is expected to face the consequence of any action he takes. The game involves morally ambiguous choices, problem solving and reasoning, which players can apply in real life situations.

Strategy Games

These games make you think as fast as possible. Players are made to make timely decisions, that can even help them develop lifelong skills. Strategy games require strategic planning to be able to defeat an enemy. These games include Age of Empires, StarCraft and World of Warcraft etc. They allow you to think smart, think as a group and think ahead of situations.

All these games and others, allow players to be able to control their emotions, as well as think clearly when facing obstacles in real life.