Five Open Source Strategy and Simulation Games


This game is an open source version game that is very similar to the Civilization series. The game also comes with features that allow players to pick amongst the Civilization 1 and 2 set rules. In this game, players can build large cities on the world map area given to them. They can make improvements in utilities and technology while defeating the other civilizations.


This game is similar to Blizzard Entertainment’s StarCraft and Warcraft games. The player can operate various factions, recruit, and build structures all over the map area. Initially, when the game starts, a player can begin constructing basic structures, and then they can recruit from the weak units. You can also defeat your opponent by trying out different strategies.


This is another open source game that is very similar to Transport Tycoon Deluxe. The game features boats, buses, trucks, planes and even trains. The player is allowed to build an extensive transport network which will enable you to earn money. The game scenery is around the period of 1950 and the year 2050. The player gets rated based on the amount of cargo that is delivered, the number of vehicles he owns and how much he has earned so far.

The Battle for Wesnoth

This turn-based strategy game has fantasy scenery. The game allows for individual battles for control. Each unit comes with its own personal strengths and weaknesses, which the player is meant to observe before attacking. The game is operated on a hexagonal grid and comes with a map editor, where players can also create their own custom maps.

UFO: Alien Invasion

This game is quite similar to the X-COM series. It comes with two different playing modes, which are geoscape and tactical. In the first mode, the player can control a large area while also controlling other bases. In the tactical mode, the player can manage a group of soldiers and confront the attackers.