The best strategy games on PC


Battletech offers players something interesting to look forward to. The game is complex and is turn-based. Players can control mercenaries while trying to balance the books. They can also upgrade the characters in the game as well as the battlemechs. There are enemy mechs which players will target in order to win. The game involves working with factors like armour, the speed of the opponent and the environment before going on any type of attack especially if the enemy isn’t targeting you.


This is a Viking-themed game which pays its dues to Age of Empires and Settlers. The game, however, uses a more complex and smart system that allows the player to make proper plans in developing new territories. There is a weather factor in this game: so it is expected that you experience chilly winters and also a warm weather that will give you a better strategic advantage over your opponent.

Into the Breach

The design of this game is just so beautiful. It was created by the makers of FTL. In this game, you would have to drive away the waves of Vek monsters which are on eight by eight grids and occupied tower blocks. This game is interesting because it involves a lot more than just defeating Vek or throwing mech-punches. You will be able to navigate around the map to drive your enemies away and keep your buildings safe from attack.

Total War: Warhammer 2

This is another interesting strategy game that is a continuity of its first edition. The first Total War Game had very impressive battles and very detailed units. This second game betters that as it comes with improvements like rogue armies, more heroes and combined factions. There are four factions which are the Dark Elves, Skaven, High Elves and Lizardmen.